The Independent Advisor's
Succession Plan

Over the past several years, we have transitioned numerous independent advisors and their clients, and have welcomed tenured advisors as new partners to facilitate processes and meet the needs of all who may benefit from our offerings.

How many years away from retirement are you?

Not sure yet?

For the advisor who is not ready to make any moves, but who wants to establish a back up plan to protect against catastrophe and provide for loved ones and staff.
1 Year?

For the advisor looking for immediate buy/sell and to move their clients to successor advisors in order to retire quickly.
2-5 Years?
For the advisor looking to begin the process of retiring out of the business and transitioning their clients to successor advisors - focusing on enhancing the value of the business by removing attrition risks and converting brokerage to advisory.
5-10 Years?

For the advisor looking for multiple liquidity events, management of their operations, and equity participation in additional acquisitions to roll up under the partnership entity.
I’m happily heading into retirement without a single worry about my clients. That’s the beauty of advisorRETIRE. I can’t say it enough…if you’re an advisor wanting to retire and looking for a good way out, this is definitely the way to do it.

Robert Lapp
Retired since 2015


From a tailor-made succession on your terms to customized advisor-client matching, we’re here for you.
We pride ourselves on our tried and tested process that leads you and your clients through a comprehensive transition.
We diligently worked to create refined systems and processes as they pertain to offering you a custom succession program.