How does the advisorRETIRE™ plan work?

The process of transitioning your business to our parent company, CollaborativeWEALTH® is proven and simple.

Our process is divided into three phases, and the advisorRETIRE succession plan will take you seamlessly through the process of transitioning to CollaborativeWEALTH®.

You’ll start by filling out our signup form to get the ball rolling. Once we receive your initial contact, we will be able to provide you with a valuation and appraisal of your practice. We’ll prepare the terms of the deal and prepare documents for your custom-designed succession program. This will launch you into the first phase.

Phase 1

The first phase lasts approximately three months. In this phase, you’ll sign and close the agreements that you have negotiated with us and with CollaborativeWEALTH®. We’ll also release your initial down payment, and your clients will receive a merger announcement letter. This transition period will begin the rebranding process. You can get a lot more detail about this in our free ebook that you can obtain simply by signing up.

Phase 2

The second phase focuses on reducing your workload, and while you can go at your own pace for this, it typically takes about a year. In this phase, you begin to integrate your clients into our systems, but you still get to work with them. In addition, you can continue to grow and accept as many new clients as you’d like to increase your book size and maximize your sale price. We will even handle the marketing legwork. Your clients will begin to get familiar with our brand, our communications, and our service team.

Phase 3

The third phase involves actually beginning to match your clients with their new successor advisors. Again, this typically takes around a year, but the exact timing can be flexible. This is done with the utmost sensitivity to you, your clients, the longstanding relationship you have had, and your clients’ best interests. We offer a series of dinners and socials, presentations, question and answer opportunities, and much more to ensure that your clients feel comfortable with what’s happening during the transition.

You’ll be free to retire in peace, while also having the peace of mind that your clients are being served with excellence, thoughtfulness, and courtesy.

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