The benefits of planning your retirement with advisorRETIRE™

As an advisor, you’ll benefit in the fact that advisorRETIRE’s two- to three-year program allows you to establish a succession plan on Day 1.

Your clients benefit by tapping into our Five-star service and review processes. You benefit by gaining the peace of mind from knowing your clients are in good hands.

The advisorRETIRE™ succession plan is built to deliver high value to both you and your customers. We realize that whoever takes over your book needs to be a good match in factors such as price, compatibility, location, work ethic, and common values. Therefore, we have created a plan that allows you to move forward towards retirement while also maintaining a commitment to all of these factors.

Benefits to you

  • Your clients’ well-being is one of our top priorities. From the gradual way that they’ll transition to the way we’ll match them to the right new advisor, you will feel comfortable with the way your clients are being treated, and they will respect the way you are handling the difficult transition.
  • Selling the business is not a process that’s easy to do by yourself. Part of our model is providing the administrative staff for handling the tedious paperwork involved. We also stay abreast of all the legal ramifications so that everything will be compliant with federal, state, and local ordinances in the succession plan.
  • We protect your time. If you try to implement a succession plan alone, you’ll find yourself immersed in a sales process that costs a lot of your time. The last thing you need is less time to run your firm at the very moment when valuation matters most, so we make sure that you have the time to do business as usual.
  • You get a fair valuation for your practice. We’re not interested in insulting you by offering you a basement bargain price for the practice you’ve worked so hard to build. Our valuation is a transparent valuation based on the industry’s standard multiples on revenue while also taking other risk variables into account.
  • You won’t have to self-finance the sale of your business. Many times, when the buyer can only pay a down payment, the advisor is forced to absorb the risk of repayment, delaying the lump-sum payment for the business as the buyer makes monthly payments. This mitigates your risk and gives you and your family the immediate enjoyment of the resources you’ve worked all your life to earn.
  • Your clients enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that if something were to happen to you, there is a plan in place for their accounts to be sustained and managed correctly. They will also enjoy the fact that their paperwork is not merely handed to another provider, but rather, they’ll get to sit down with us, ask questions, attend social dinners with you and us, and be treated with dignity as the transition happens.
  • You fulfill your last fiduciary requirement to your clients, as implementing a succession plan is part of acting in their best interest.
  • Your family and loved ones will rest assured that they are provided for and that your illness or death will not prevent them from benefiting from all your years of hard work and dedication.
  • You get to retire, enjoy the time with your family, travel, pursue your dreams, and enjoy yourself – but only on a timeline that is as gradual as you want it to be as you taper off from your work during the transition.

Our succession plan works. It’s not difficult or daunting to implement. Reap these benefits today when you count on advisorRETIRE to accomplish these things for you, and retire in peace.

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